New Tassie Whisky!

Adams Distillery Single Malt Whisky now available at The Old Barrelhouse

The newest Tassie distillery to release their whisky, Adam's Distillery, is now availble! 4 versions are available at The Old Barrelhouse, the first (and currently only) retailer to have the range!

The Adams Distillery was established in 2015 by two mates, Adam Pinkard and Adam Saunders in Tasmania. In Early 2016, the two friends ran into a major hurdle when the property they had aquired to house their distillery was rejected by Launceston council with a majority vote. The disappointment was soon met with absolute elation when the owner of Glen Ireh Estate (35 Drummond Street Perth, Tasmania) agreed to have them build the distillery on his sprawling acreage. Bernie, the property owner was so impressed with Adam's & Adam's business plan, he also became an equal partner.

Now fast forward three short years to 2019 and after a multiple stage expansion plan, the distillery now has the capacity to produce 1,000,000 litres of whisky a year, with a first-stage 800L per day spirit production capacity. To add to the Adams story, three paddocks at the Glen Ireh Estate have also been planted with 140 acres of two-row Westminster barley. If the barley reaches malt one standard, they will have the ability to make around 40,000L of estate grown Single Malt Whisky. With multiple single malt whisky releases already on the market, the sky’s definitely the limit as Adams Distillery is equipped to be a real player on the world stage.

Adams Distillery Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky, Port Cask - 700ml, 55.5%, $199.00

Adam's Single Cask #16 Cask Strength

A limited-edition release of only 65 bottles matured in a 50L American Oak cask. This rare Port cask expression is both from a single cask as well as being cask strength. Cask 16 could only be bottled at this higher ABV after the good folks at Adams Distillery sampled drams at multiple strengths and settled on the cask strength of 55.5% for the intense character and flavour profile. Sold out at the distillery, this expression won’t last long on the virtual shelves as there is only a handful to sell.

Adams Distillery Single Cask Single Malt Whisky, Sherry Cask - 700ml,  46.9%, $165.00

Adam's Single Cask #17

A limited-edition release of only 75 bottles matured in a 50L French Oak cask. The barrel of this Sherry cask expression spent the summer sitting by the window of the Adams Distillery visitors centre, basking in the afternoon sun. The distillery says that “….this special attention and increased warmth has shone through for a truly unique Sherry Cask Whisky”. Sold out at the distillery, there is only a small allocation to sell.

Adams Distillery Original Single Malt Whisky, Pinot Noir Cask - 700ml, 46.89%, $155.00

Adam's Original Pinot Noir Cask

Small-batch release that yielded 121 bottles from 3 x 20L French Oak casks. This expression was aged in 3 x 20L French Oak Casks (Pinot Noir) and then batched together for balance. The result is a beautiful twist on what is becoming the quintessential Tasmanian Red Wine Whisky.

Adams Distillery Original Single Malt Whisky, Port Cask - 700ml, 47%, $150.00

Adam's Original Port Cask

A multiple cask run that yielded 412 bottles. The distillery says that they’ve aged this whisky in a non-traditional way; using their unique half-filled “Slosh” cask programme, were they half fill casks and roll them around regularly to develop and enhance the whisky. They have also batched in some small casks to create a well-balanced whisky.


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